Typing is fun - especially when learning

Master Sensei Thu-To`s principles

Sensei Thu-To arms you - brave typers - with his style of the martial art of typing.

Sensei Thu-To’s style is designed to make learning to type fast and fun.

Thus the Sensei establishes his style according to the following principles

  1. Your fingers are always in basic position.
  2. You never look at the keyboard.
  3. You type at a constant speed.
  4. It is more important that you type correctly versus typing fast.
  5. You shift uppercase letters with the little finger of the opposite hand.

The Sensei’s way of typing is for any keyboard based on the latin layout.

Share your favorite levels with friends, your typer-in-arms. - Even if they are from other countries, are using other languages or other keyboards. It works for everyone.

When sharing remember: If an advanced typer shares a favorite level with a novice, some situations within that level - like long letter jumps - may be eased.

So go and type! - Sensei Thu-To watches over you - brave typers!

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